On the ground

Get your body moving! Strengthen your core, improve your posture, and increase your body awareness while getting in touch with your inner clown. Our experienced coaches will guide you through each class motivating you to accomplish your goals, develop new skills, and exercise in a fun and supportive environment.


Partner Acro

We invite all athletes to experience the playfulness and trust cultivated in a partner acrobatics class at Go Ninja. It’s all about listening, feeling, letting go, and trust combined with athletic power and balance. It is helpful, but not necessary, to be able to hold a handstand against a wall for 1 minute.

Modern Dance

Modern dance at Go Ninja is directly translatable to circus arts and martial arts. Modern dance uses the entire body in movements not bound by the classical rules of ballet. Contractions, curves and spirals are practiced with attention to detail making combative athletes more coachable and circus athletes more beautiful.


BadAss Ballet

Athletes of all backgrounds can improve their skills by cross-training in a ballet class. Ballet training increases flexibility, which can translate into increased agility in other disciplines. Our BadAss Ballet class is for men and women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds.


Personal Training

Working with a personal trainer can amplify your efforts and provide you with external motivation and accountability. Our Personal Training programs are all custom-designed for you, based on your goals and background. Among the offerings:

A professional boxing coach will work one-on-one with the mitts to make your timing, rhythm, footwork, and reaction time superb. This is a favorite workout for many people. Professional striking coaches Linda Murphy and Mel Peabody work mitts with a variety of people wanting to improve fitness and skills. This is a must for competitive striking athletes.

A personal Muay Thai coach will teach you the finer points of clinch work from a striker perspective, and its use for setting up striking, gaining more speed, power and accuracy. Professional Muay Thai coaches will detail the skills necessary for winning the match in the ring AND make the fight against fat much more interesting than a tread mill.

A professional nutrition coach for weight loss and lifestyle change will work with you to identify goals, set up plans and see you through to your best self. Shaunna Isadore Murphy takes individual clients and gets them on the path of health. Her degree in nutrition, health and wellness, her athletic background, and a personality that won’t let you get away with bad habits, make her the perfect butt kicker.

A professional functional fitness and strength conditioning coach will ensure form, posture, body alignment and injury prevention as a foundation for strength and conditioning.

A professional circus arts coach will show you form, spotting, choreography, circus strength and conditioning while you’re learning new circus skills. Your Spiderman dreams will come true at last!

Boot Camps

Booty Camp (Fantastic Ass)

We employ a variety of exercises to keep your workout fun, exciting and challenging so you stick with it and become Bootylicious. Our full-body workout uses a circuit of both aerobic and anaerobic exercise, plus strength training to ensure that you gain strength, burn calories, target your trouble spots and increase your self-esteem along the way. We use Pilates for core stabilization and yoga stretching to improve flexibility, enhance agility, speed, power, strength, and quickness. Our positive and motivational instructors will help you to maximize your body’s potential.


What we eat has a lot to do with how we feel. Diet and nutrition can have a direct impact on the success of your fitness program. We promote a healthy lifestyle with consistent exercise and proper eating habits. Shaunna Isadore Murphy is a nutrition, health and wellness coach with a degree in Nutritional Science from the University of New Hampshire. Learn to eat out, cook at home and shop for groceries with simple tips and planning techniques. Combined with our fitness programs, proper nutrition provides: improved energy and stamina; support for your body’s immune system; increased muscle and decreased fat; better bone density and resistance to disease.

Self Defense

Develop survival reflexes and instincts when you train in our self defense course. Imagine dealing with dangerous and difficult people more confidently than you do now. Be wise to the ways of the ruthless. Our system is a no-nonsense approach to self defense with simple, effective techniques designed to incapacitate an attacker. You will learn: the sucker punch; escapes from holds; what do to if someone has a weapon; ground fighting; and, verbal techniques and body language. This course uses street combat techniques and practical mixed martial arts to get you prepared to defend yourself.


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