In the air

Starting low to the ground, our level-based programs allow you to challenge yourself in a safe and structured environment. We pride ourselves on being an injury prevention facility. We actively assist you through all poses and skills. Being strong for life is our motto.

Aerial Circus Silks are two long (sometimes stretchy) pieces of fabric hanging from a single point to the floor; they hang between 15 and 50 feet above the ground. Using strength and skills, aerialists perform climbing, wrapping, drops, spiraling, swinging and contouring maneuvers.

We supportively encourage people of all movement backgrounds to come enjoy this unique experience. Our programs are designed to push your body and your mind. We look forward to helping you build strength, flexibility and control in a supportive and caring environment.

Aerial Circus Arts

Aerial Circus Arts

Learn the beautiful art of aerial circus! Develop core strength like you’ve never imagined and gain the balance, flexibility and strength of a Ninja!

Introduction to Aerial Workshop

The introductory workshop is required for all participants.

Circus Silks Level 1 FOUNDATION

It’s your time to run away with the circus! All ages, shapes and fitness levels can develop strength, flexibility and technique with practice of the fundamental skills in the level 1 course. Weekly attendance will ensure your success.

Circus Silks Level 2 CLIMB

In Level 2, we continue to work on proper fundamentals while the student learns how to execute more complex skills. We are now climbing, using double foot locks, and dropping. The physical conditioning is more intense and more time is spent off the ground. Some choreography is introduced along with emphasis on smooth transitioning.

Circus Silks Level 3 FLY

Level 3 combines the fluidity of aerial dance with the drops of aerial circus. Our Level 3 program is for serious students looking to train hard. Our devoted coaches will facilitate the progression of your skills in the appropriate direction.


Go Ninja trapeze classes combine acrobatics, static poses, and modern dance on a horizontal steel bar hung by two ropes.

*You must have the permission of your aerial coach before attending any L2 and L3 classes.*

Aerial Fitness

Flying Ninja Fitness

Circus Bodies are the epitome of beauty! In circus it’s not about being twig skinny or body builder buff, it’s about accentuating your strengths and being fantastically healthy!

Boot Camp

In the Aerial BootCamp, we will tone, build and sculpt your muscles through an expertly designed aerial fitness program.

Circus Circuit Training

Taking circuit training to new heights, this fun fitness class is encouraged for all skill levels.

Aerial Pilates

Aerial Pilates

Translating Pilates core strengthening principles onto circus silks, we mindfully guide you through a series of exercises designed to strengthen and stabilize your core, while building your overall body awareness. This open class is encouraged for all ages and skill levels.

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga

Bring your yoga practice to new heights! Using our split-silk system, we guide you safely through chakra based flows with an emphasis on proper alignment and breathing. Using the aerial silks to support and assist your body, you will be able to deepen stretches and achieve asanas (poses) that may have been unattainable on the mat. We begin every class with a guided meditation used for you to create a positive intention for yourself. This organically conscious form of yoga will help you attain balance and heighten body awareness that will easily translate through your daily activities or into your mat yoga practice. Our program utilizes the versatility of the circus silks, using them either sling (knotted) or split, allowing for an abundance of multi-leveled flows and smooth progressions.

Your safety is a priority! We always learn low to the ground (less than 12 inches).


This class is perfect for beginners. We introduce you to a whole new world of yoga. Guided step-by-step, we relax into basic asanas that help you build balance and strength.

Level 2 FLOW

During this multi-leveled class we will smoothly transition through sequences designed to promote relaxation and continue to build on your aerial yoga foundation. This class will deepen your understanding of traditional asanas by challenging you to execute them while suspended in the air on the silks.

Level 3 POWER

We execute an Ashtanga-style flow utilizing the spilt circus silks. More time is spent off the ground in the silks, utilizing strength and knowledge of fabric work. Our teachers will actively assist you while you enjoy taking on new challenges.