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Go Ninja aerial performers are a unique way to take your event to the next level of awesome! Go Ninja can provide ambiance and established acts immediately or we can work together to develop custom choreography for the specific audience at your event.

Consider Go Ninja performers for Public Events like community and civic events, festivals, and concerts.

We also perform at Private Events such as weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, anniversaries and reunions.

As ambient performers, we are able to blend in as a beautiful conversation starters or stand out as an energizing jaw dropper. GoNinja has many options to fit your budget and suit your entertainment needs. We know that atmosphere is important to you and our presence is designed to enhance your event. It is important to us that we provide exactly what you want, so don’t be shy: tell us what you want and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

We have established ambient and feature single or duo acts that are available for immediate booking.

  • Silks/Fabric – We perform controlled climbing, wrapping and dropping while we contort using the silk fabrics.
  • Trapeze – Static trapeze is a beautiful apparatus showcasing amazing strength and grace.
  • Adagio -Two performers move together creating beautifully balanced acrobatic shapes.

Some technical detail

Go Ninja’s free-standing, portable aerial rig sets up and deconstructs quickly, allowing us to perform in indoor or outdoor spaces, rooms with no rigging points, and historic buildings. It requires a minimum of 15ft ceilings.

In many cases, we can rig our apparatus from an existing structure as well as long as there is a load-bearing beam or truss, plus a ladder, lift or catwalk for access. We may need to speak to a building engineer familiar with the venue, or visit for a preliminary assessment. Generally, we can rig from anything that can support at least 2,500 pounds.

The Fine Print

  • Our performers are happy to travel as long as you remember that our families are located in Manchester, and we love them, so we won’t want to be away too long.
  • Go Ninja is fully insured and is happy to provide proof of Insurance.

Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA

Go Ninja is housed inside Bare Knuckle Murphy’s Boxing Gymnasium. As such, we have a plethora of amateur and professional fighters who would love to spar at your event.